Identifying the right target market will also help you decide whether you need to go for direct marketing, brand advertising or a balanced mix of both.

Once you identify your potential buyers, you will have a clear idea of the needs of the buyer including how frequently or in what quantity these people or organizations make their purchases. While deciding about your potential customers, your marketing campaign should also plan if it wants to tap into the existing markets or has the courage to explore the new markets by going into uncharted zones. If you want to create awareness about your offerings fast and convert the leads into sales without delay, direct response advertising would serve the purpose well as it elicits action on part of the prospective customer. Always keep in mind that even when you know how great your offerings are, you won’t be able to guarantee success.

The next role of a marketing company is to actually plan its marketing strategy and write down the exact plan. The marketing plan or campaign should contain information regarding market overview, overview of the product and its competition, an honest SWOT analysis, where the marketing company should prudently outline the strengths and weaknesses of the product.Actual steps to be taken for implementing the plan along with the ways to evaluate the same should also form a part of the actual marketing plan by the marketing company.

Details of each aspect of the marketing plan should then be chalked out and included in the full plan by the marketing company.